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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2023 Press Contacts: Jerry Thomas                                                      jerry@jerrythomaspr.com (312)-804-7999 A Sad Moment in America, but the Supreme Court is Not the Last Word, Says SCLC president and CEO

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Bids Farewell To Harry Belafonte, a Leading Man in Entertainment and On the Civil Rights Battlefield   ATLANTA – Dr. Charles Steele,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 22, 2023 Press Contacts: Jerry Thomas jerry@jerrythomaspr.com (312)-804-7999   Southern Christian Leadership Conference Leader Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. Calls on America to Invest in the Fight to End

SCLC President and CEO in Solidarity with Family of Tyre Nichols, Calls for Systematic Change With Kingian Nonviolence Training After Deadly Memphis Police Beating MEMPHIS –

SCLC President and CEO Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. “Memphis Police Killing Shows how deeply embedded racism is in the police culture!”   I am sickened and saddened

Please consider joining in this powerful event featuring our National President/CEO, Dr. Charles Steele Jr. as he celebrates the 51st anniversary of Hillside International Truth

Yvonne Kennedy Lowery, daughter of the late, iconic past President Joseph Lowery, passed this August 6, 2022. Her ceremony will be held August 15 at

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) National President, Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. celebrated the achievement of the organization’s local chapter leader, Pastor William D. Smart, Jr.,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 4, 2022 Press Contacts:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 2, 2021 Press Contacts:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1, 2021 Press Contacts: Jerry Thomas:jerrry@jerrythomaspr.com, (312) 414-4016   The Southern Christian Leadership Conference Is Joining A Lawsuit Against the State of Georgia For Passing A

Christian Women from across the globe will be united to acknowledge the accomplishments of women who have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 21, 2021 Press Contacts: Jerry Thomas:jerrry@jerrythomaspr.com, (312) 414-4016   America Is Seeing Accountability, Not Justice, in the Verdicts Surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd, SCLC

  The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and on behalf of my wife and myself, would like to give our heartfelt condolences to the family of

SCLC National President Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. To Announce Plans for A Protest Highlighting Issues inside the Tuscaloosa Veterans Administration Medical Center Press Conference Thursday, September

ATLANTA – Dr. Charles Steele, Jr., president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the organization co-founded and first led by Dr. Martin

Paris Match | Posted on 6/28/2020 at 2:14 p.m. Olivier O'Mahony , in Atlanta (Georgia) For Charles Steele Jr, one of the spiritual heirs of Martin Luther

Politicians from across the United States are paying respects after the passing of an Atlanta civil rights icon. The family of Dr. Josephy E. Lowery, called

Even Doing the Covid-19 Pandemic, The SCLC is Fighting for the Poor   All Americans, Not Just Corporations, Must Benefit from the Funds to End the Crisis

A who’s who of political figures, including five Democratic presidential candidates, [and Dr. Steele with the SCLC family] were marking the occasion, nearly 55 years

Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS ) is proud to congratulate Kamaria Warren, a 6th-grade student at Rex Mill Middle School, as she has been selected

National SCLC President/CEO, Dr. Charles Steele Jr. has announced a Community Disaster Recover Forum in partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank. This event will

Emotional reading of Martin Luther King Jr. letter brings rare bipartisan bonding in Senate (please click link for full article)    

April 9, 2019   The Honorable Alex M. Azar II Secretary of Health and Human Services 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20201   Dear Mr. Azar: As organizations representing minority communities in

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has written a letter to HBO asking the network to reconsider airing “Leaving Neverland,” the two-part film about Michael Jackson’s

President Dr. Charles Steele Jr. went to speak to the Detroit City Council on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016.  He was met by the Detroit SCLC

Sept 5, 9am: Mass March Sept 5 & 6:Strategy Conference “It would be a betrayal of everything Reverend Pinckney stood for, I believe, if we allowed ourselves to

“The confederate flag represents a time in history when the southern states fought to keep an institution of subservience. The flag is a constant reminder

Today the SCLC family offers our prayers and condolences to the families and victims of this horrific act in Charleston, SC. Our President/CEO Dr. Charles Steele

(May 22, 2015) Washington, DC – In his keynote address at the National Summit on Overcoming Poverty at Georg/etown University (which SCLC co-sponsored) Dr. Charles

CLEVELAND - Nearly 20 pastors met at the Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church on Tuesday to promote peace and safety as the Michael Brelo case draws

"Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. SCLC National President/CEO (left) stands in support of the efforts of the North Charles Mayor Keith Summery (seated), to require cameras

ATLANTA – From the international headquarters of the civil rights organization, co-founded by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Charles Steele issued the following

Media Statement by Dr. Charles Steele, JR.  National President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) regarding public comments made on March 31st, 2015

New Regulations for “Clean Power” Disproportionately Hurt Poor and Minority Communities By Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. You’ve probably heard the familiar oath: “First, do no harm.”  It’s

Click the following link for a statement from Dr. Charles Steele Jr on Eric Garner.  

  BERLIN – (November 8, 2014) — Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) President Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.  joined with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, European

Led by Dr. Charles Steele Jr. and Dr. Bernard LaFayette, the SCLC spoke to thousands at a Presidential gathering in Berlin, Germany. Walking in the

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