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This Wednesday and Thursday in Columbia, South Carolina, the SCLC is hosting a Presidential Forum and Public Policy Debate focusing on Housing, Healthcare, Voting, and Economics… (read more)

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SCLC Feeds the Homeless

Dr. Steele and First Lady Cathelean Steele along with the Bishops of the National CME Church Convention feeding the homeless in Atlanta.
sclc charles steele jr

Voting Rights Act

Dr. Charles Steele Jr., President and CEO, SCLC

Prevent Sex Trafficking


Justice for Girls seeks to heighten awareness of human trafficking within communities, using education to empower individuals and groups to actively work to eradicate this injustice.


The Developmental Program offers the following:


  1. A Train the Trainer Program
  2. Self Defense Training
  3. College Tour
  4. Summer Retreat
  5. Guest Speakers
  6. Hiking
  7. Princess Tea
Dr. Charles Steele, Jr & Former Soviet Union President Gorbachev

Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. traveled to Germany to launch the International Poor People’s Campaign to combat poverty around the world.  Poverty is not just a local injustice it a global one so the SCLC seeks to eradicate extreme poverty through an cohesive international effort.

Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr (left) with mentor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (right)

Central to the mission of SCLC is to awaken and strengthen the moral conscience of this country to the growing catastrophe of childhood incarceration and the obvious social unrest in under-funded and developing socioeconomic areas in rural or urban centers.

SCLC is using its historic and current brand to increase awareness to the work and mission of Gideon’s Promise, especially as it relates to the plight of the poor inside of the judicial system. This partnership will be utilized to create Community Defense Promise Teams.

The SCLC Poverty tour has a simple mission. To spotlight the issues surrounding the poor and disenfranchised. National President/CEO Dr. Charles Steele Jr. will travel to six major metropolitan areas and four rural regions. During his stops, he will meet with politicians, business leaders and the faith community to highlight the concerns of the poor.

In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gathered together his staff and planned a poor people’s campaign to take place the next year (1968). The purpose was to demand from the government officials “jobs, unemployment insurance, a fair minimum wage, and education for poor adults and children designed to improve their living conditions.

The devastation that Hurricane Michael brought to the panhandle of Florida and Southern Georgia has been hard to put into words. People and communities saw their homes, churches, schools wiped out, literally overnight. In the aftermath of this natural disaster, another plight, one that continues to plague our country; the disenfranchisement of our poor.

We will turn an RV into a mobile office, that serves as a community crisis center. These centers will be intentionally approachable to the public and will remove obstacles and barriers that prevent people from seeking and obtaining the information they need to get assistance.

From the A to the Bay: Direct Relief Truck

The SCLC is providing a Direct Relief Truck to bring supplies directly to the communities in the pan handle of Florida. With a generous contribution from the Horizon Trucking company, the SCLC has a 18 wheeler truck on site and is currently collecting supplies, clothes, ready to eat food and other items that will be distributed bi-weekly as the National President Charles Steele Jr.  and/or members of the executive staff go to monitor our Hurricane Michael Relief Initiatives.

Part of the ongoing relief efforts will be the arduous task of rebuilding the community. The SCLC WeBuild Project is our effort to connect the community to the rebuilding efforts. We will be partnering with T&B 4syth, LLC to remove debris, provide temporary construction, tree removing to help clear roads, prepare lots for construction.

voting rights march

Voting is the most essential place where citizens empower themselves through participation! This program is designed to provide local and regional instruction on three key areas…


SCLC is working hard to bring access to food to our most impoverished areas in the country. We understand that though related, food insecurity and poverty are not the same.

tel ed

SCLC has partnered with Tele-Ed to provide and innovative and people centered solution to the growing gap between those who want to obtain college degrees and their ability to afford it.