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SCLC Community Crisis Centers

We will turn an RV into a mobile office, that serves as a community crisis center. These centers will be intentionally approachable to the public and will remove obstacles and barriers that prevent people from seeking and obtaining the information they need to get assistance. We know too much paper, being located near law enforcement, or have untrained staff can deter people from asking for help. Our Community Crisis Center will serve as a beacon of hope, where the poor and disenfranchised know they are not only expected, but they are welcome.


Currently, we have already secured a site location for the center. The Foresythe family in the Panama City, FL has committed their land for staging and usage. This land is particularly important as it sits at the epicenter of the disaster relief efforts with proximity to the FEMA and Gulf Power.


The Center will also be the central office for our Community Relief Team (CRT). The SCLC will be partnering with the American Red Cross and other relief organizations to help locate, disenfranchised neighborhoods and homes. This CRTs will be active and visible, on the ground and in the recovery area. Working with community leaders and neighborhood volunteers, the CRT is essential in giving people someone they trust to talk to and work with. These teams will in turn be able to better direct the efforts of the Red Cross, FEMA and other organizations that are part of the relief efforts.