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Teach The Poor

tel ed

SCLC has partnered with Tele-Ed to provide and innovative and people centered solution to the growing gap between those who want to obtain college degrees and their ability to afford it. With group virtual classrooms, SCLC will be working with accredited colleges and universities to bring the education to our communities through technology. By eliminating the brick and mortar model of education, SCLC is using technology to better serve the people in the communities we operate in.


From our vantage point, one of the most trying and critical challenges is the fact that so many young people in impoverished communities, even during improving economic times, are, as Dr. King once said, “afflicted with unemployment as though in an economic crisis. They are the outsiders of the American expansion.”


With that in mind, SCLC has been developing over the lasts months a program that addresses the employment and economic problems seen in so many cities. SCLC’s national initiative provides people the opportunity to become professionals such as teachers and law enforcement officers in their own communities. The initiative builds on a very successful program in New York City, one which we have already begun to implement in Atlanta, and is being constructed with partners in higher education, law enforcement, and education.


The overarching goal is to develop or expand community education programs that lead to meaningful certifications and degrees linked to public service professions. This will address both the need for workforce development and educational opportunities in our communities and the current disconnect between the public sector and these same communities.



  • 10,000  parents earning college degrees
  • 10,000 parents securing meaningful employment as teaching staff with early childhood education programs
  • 10,000 parents learning conflict reconciliation skills and sharing these skills with their own family and the community
  • 10,000 parents becoming digitally fluent