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Kingian Non Violence Training

Central to the mission of SCLC is to awaken and strengthen the moral conscience of this country to the growing catastrophe of childhood incarceration and the obvious social unrest in under-funded and developing socioeconomic areas in rural or urban centers. Beginning with a Kingian Nonviolence 2-day core- the introduction to this methodology will lay a...
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Reach The Poor

Voting is the most essential place where citizens empower themselves through participation! This program is designs to provide local and regional instruction on three key areas: voter registration, voter education and voter suppression efforts. SCLC intends to not just close the gap on the number eligible voters but infuse local areas with informed voters who...
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Feed The Poor

SCLC is working hard to bring access to food to our most impoverished areas in the country. We understand that though related, food insecurity and poverty are not the same. Poverty is only one of many factors associated with food insecurity. In fact, higher unemployment, lower household assets, and certain demographic characteristics also lead to...
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Teach The Poor

SCLC has partnered with Tele-Ed to provide and innovative and people centered solution to the growing gap between those who want to obtain college degrees and their ability to afford it. With group virtual classrooms, SCLC will be working with accredited colleges and universities to bring the education to our communities through technology. By eliminating...
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