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Reach The Poor

Voting is the most essential place where citizens empower themselves through participation! This program is designs to provide local and regional instruction on three key areas: voter registration, voter education and voter suppression efforts. SCLC intends to not just close the gap on the number eligible voters but infuse local areas with informed voters who exercise their right to vote and encourage and enable their peers to do so.

Voter Registration

Provide turnkey voter registration packets to our local chapters and/or partners to facilitate registration and tracking of voters. We also will provide a feedback survey for participants in order to gather information on how many registered voters actually exercised their right to vote

Voter Education

This seminar allows local chapters and/or partners to have SCLC staff and/or partners to provide training locally on how to identify core voter issues that affect their communities. As we empower communities to vote, we want to ensure they understand what the issues are and who are the government entities or persons that oversee the problems.

Voter Suppression Efforts

SCLC is fiercely opposed at efforts that keep citizens from voting. This session is designed to educate the public and community leaders on national and local efforts that could effectively lower voter turnout.