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:from the frontline

My brother, George Curry

George Curry is my brother and I mean that in both literal and spiritual sense.  We grew up in together.  We’re both from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He grew up in Lumpsy Bottom, I grew up in Daily Bottom.  We played football together. George Curry Went through the struggle together.  We learned about life, purpose, and about truth together.

When we got older we travelled the world together.   He became an accomplished journalist and I became an Alabama State Senator and the President Emeritus and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  Together we took on the world to prove that small time boys from Alabama could make a difference in the world.  Rest well my friend, knowing that you accomplished that mission.

They say “Iron sharpens Iron”, well I am proud to be able to say that George Curry sharpened me.  I will miss him, the movement will miss him and those who love truth will miss him.

From the desk of,

Dr. Charles Steele, Jr.

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